Purchasing a new garage door for your home can increase your home's curb appeal and the functionality of the door. However, with so many door optionss now available, you may find yourself overwhelmed. These days, you have so many more options than just a standard white aluminum door. Focusing on trends can help you decide on which factors may appeal to you in a garage door. And taking the time to learn about the pros and cons can help you decide if that option is ideal for your home. Here are a few garage door trends that are expected to be big in 2016 and the biggest pro and con that you should know if you are considering them.

Bigger Garage Doors

The standard size garage door for a two car garage is 12 feet by seven feet. However, one trend that is expected to be popular in 2016 is larger garage doors. These larger doors typically measure around 14 to 16 feet by seven feet. The benefit to this trend is that larger cars, such as SUVs, can now comfortably fit in the garage. These larger cars require more space. Expanding a garage door can ensure that you can fit an SUV and another vehicle comfortably in your garage. However, the downside is that this trend can be pricey. Your garage door frame needs to be cut and re-framed to accommodate a bigger door and your larger door may need to be custom ordered.

Insulated Garage Doors

Another trend that is expected to be popular for garage doors in 2016 is insulation. The biggest advantage to insulting a garage door is that garage doors can cause your home to lose a lot of energy. If it is cold out, that cold air can seep into your garage and then enter your home through gaps in your garage entry door or as you open or shut that door. This may cause you to have to run your heater a bit longer. The same thing happens in summer, except that it is warm air that can enter your home, causing you to have to run your air conditioner a bit longer. Insulated garage doors help to keep outdoor air out and decrease your energy usage. This helps to decrease your energy bills and helps you do your part to help the environment.

The downside to this is that an insulated garage door only protects one part of the garage. The garage walls will still need to be insulated to offer energy savings for the entire space. Also, keep in mind that you don't have to purchase a new garage door just for insulation value. You can insulate existing garage doors, though it will be visible.

Smart Phone Operating Capabilities

Traditional garage door openers may be on their way out. One of the trends that is expected to gain in popularity in 2016 is the ability to use your cell phone as a garage door opener. The type of garage door and garage door opener you purchase determines if this is something you can do. Typically, you download an app and then enter an access code when you are by your garage door. The advantage to this is mainly one of convenience. Some doors even have cameras and light services, allowing you to see who is opening or closing the door at any moment, or allowing you to turn your garage lights on or off from your phone as well.

The disadvantage to this is that there are dangers with using your phone to open your garage. If you lose your phone, a stranger may have access to your garage. It is also unknown at this time whether these types of apps can be easily hacked, allowing a hacker access to your garage. If you do decide to use an app, always make sure to deadbolt the door between your home and garage and keep valuables out of the garage. This minimizes what can happen if someone does gain access to your garage through your smartphone app.

Open Concept Design

The last garage door trend that is expected to be big in 2016 is open concept design garage doors. Instead of plain white paneled doors, open concept ones are becoming more popular. The biggest benefit to an open concept design is that it is unique. An open concept garage door is a garage door with windowed panels on it, much like a french door. An open concept design has a modern look to it and looks different from every cookie cutter garage.  It also allows natural light to flow into the garage, which is perfect for those who repair cars, perform woodwork, or use their garage for more than just storage.

The disadvantage to this trend is that you may have limited privacy. An open concept garage features glass panels. Typically, these glass panels are frosted or etched, which does provide some privacy. However, they are still slightly transparent, allowing someone to look in. The glass panels are also not as durable as metal panels, such as aluminum or stainless steel. As such, they may be more prone to cracking, shattering, or breaking. If you live in an area where kids hit balls or near rocks that fly up, these may not be the best garage doors for you.

If you are in the market for a new garage door, you may be surprised to learn just how many choices you have in a garage door these days. If you find yourself overwhelmed, consider some popular trends. Learning about the pros and cons of these trends can help you make an informed decision as to whether they are right for your home. Contact a company like Raynor Door Company for more information about your choices.