Do you have a damaged garage door panel? Replacing broken panels is actually quite simple, even if you don't have any garage door repair experience. Whether you just need to replace one panel or all of them, you can probably do most of the work on your own. This is only really feasible if you can buy replacement panels directly from your manufacturer. It is a good idea to buy your panels directly from the manufacture so you can be certain that they fit properly and don't weigh too much for your motor. This article explains the entire process, including how to remove and attach individual panels.

Ordering Your Replacement Panels

As mentioned, before you do any work or remove your broken panel, you should make sure that you can order a suitable replacement. Conveniently, the manufacturer will ship the panels directly to your house, so you don't really need to worry about the logistics of transporting or carrying it. Once the new panel arrives at your house, check to make sure it is the right size before proceeding.

Removing Your Panels

At this point you can start to remove your broken panel(s). This job is definitely easier if you have two people on it. Despite their size, most aluminum, vinyl, and wooden panels are surprisingly lightweight. However, this also means that they are fragile and bendable. You want to make sure that the panel doesn't fall out and cause any damage to the other panels. One person can be on the inside of the garage removing the mounting screws while the other is on the outside holding the panel in place. In some cases the panel might fall right out of the frame as soon as the screws are removed, but in others you will have to force and pop it out of place.

Attaching the New Panels

When attaching the new panel, make sure you use new screws. You don't want to use stripped screws that could become loose over time. Also, it is important that you inspect the frame of your panel to make sure it is not severely bent or kinked.

You will probably be surprised how easy it is to install the new panel. Besides them being large and awkward to handle, they are quite easy to attach. So, if you do decide that you want to completely change or upgrade your garage doors on a budget, you should consider just changing out all of the panels and doing the work by yourself. This is definitely the most cost effective way to get the job done. But if you don't have time, consider contacting a professional garage door service.