Choosing a garage door color is not a small task, because if you pick the right color, it can add a splash of contrast or elegance to your home's exterior. Here are some tips on choosing the right color.

What Color Is Your Main Door?

You may or may not want to consider the color of your main door. Some people like to match these colors, because it makes the home look thoughtfully planned. The colors on your garage doors add additional colors to your home's exterior palette, so having a different color entry door and garage door might be too much for some color schemes. But at the same time, if you go another direction with your garage door, that could be a great choice for a home with a more unique color palette.

Are You Looking for a Traditional or Clean Style?

Muted colors, such as cream or brick, are good choices for homes with premium materials and a clean design scheme. They're a safe choice if you want to choose a color and be done with it.

What Colors Contrast Your Home Siding?

On the other hand, for a pop of contrast, you might want to get paint color help from your home improvement store. There is a fine line between colors that contrast with your existing paint colors and ones that clash, but a designer can help you walk that line carefully as you choose a bolder color for your garage door installation.

What Colors Matter to You?

You might also want to consider which colors you love and wish were a bigger part of your home. Perhaps you don't want a large portion of your home to be purple. But you could choose a muted purple as your garage door color as a way to include that color in your home design.

In addition, certain colors mean different things for color psychology. Painting your garage door a meaningful color in line with color psychology could be a nice touch to make your home more personal and inviting to you.

Whichever color you choose, there are several ways to get it onto your door. You could choose a door that naturally has that color, sure. But you could also choose a surface (like vinyl) that is receptive to paint colors. A garage door installation team, such as those at Aladdin Doors of Raleigh, can help you find appropriate paint and dye options to go with your chosen garage door.