If your garage door has something wrong with it, you may be able to take care of the problem yourself before you end up needing to call for help. Here are some examples of fixes you can do yourself and instructions for taking care of them:

Your garage door rumbles and/or shakes as it opens and closes

If you find that your garage door has starting making rumbling noises and/or shaking when you go to open or close it then it may be nothing more than some debris on the track. As the wheels of the door make their way over the debris, it can make noise and cause the door to vibrate. Use a step stool and a clean rag to wipe the insides of the tracks to remove any debris and dust that has gathered on them. After you wipe them down, you will want to add a bit more lubricant to them.

Your garage door freezes due to the cold weather outside

A lot of things can go haywire when the outside temperature goes below freezing and your garage door is no exception to this list of things that can be affected by the cold temperature. Your garage door can actually freeze to the floor of your garage. Of course, you generally won't know that this has happened until you need the door to open for you. If it's only a minor freeze, then it will break free when you go to open the door.

If the garage door is really stuck to the floor by a thick icy connection, then it may take a few minutes of your time and a little work to free the garage door. You can take a heat source such as a hair drier or a heat gun and go along the bottom of the door to melt enough of the ice that the door will open how it should. You can also be careful with a flat shovel to chip away large pieces of ice. To avoid these problems in the future, you can sprinkle rock salt along the area. Once the door is open you want to use a flat shovel to remove all of the ice from that area.

Your garage door won't shut all the way

If you go to shut the garage door and it stops midway and then reopens, you want to make sure nothing is between the sensors located near the ground on each side of the door. Also, carefully wipe cob webs or other debris from in front of the sensors and this should fix the problem.

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