Your garage door can break for a wide range of reasons, leaving you puzzled as to why it won't open or close correctly. A snapped tension spring is an obvious problem that requires garage door repair, while a slowly moving door might not indicate what is wrong. You can check to make sure your opener is plugged in and the circuit hasn't tripped when your opener won't engage, and you can check to see if there is anything in the tracks that prevents the wheels from moving forward. Once you have looked over your garage door system and it still won't work properly, your garage door will need to be repaired by a specialist that can figure out the problem.

Your Tension Springs and Replacement

Tension springs can't be replaced by an amateur. The process is dangerous, and you can end up snapping a tension spring if you tighten it too much. Loose tension springs will cause your garage door to open slowly because your opener will be struggling against the weight of the door. Your garage door won't stay in the open position when the tension springs need to be tightened or replaced. Tension springs will last about 5 to 7 years and will need to be replaced to prevent issues with your garage door.

Your Garage Door Opener

You can expect a garage door opener to last about 15 years. If your opener has to run with loose tension springs, it is going to burn out faster. A garage door that opens and closes frequently may also wear out faster. If you can't get your opener to engage, it might need to be replaced.

The Life of Your Track System

The tracks for your automatic garage door can get bent, causing a need for a replacement. Brackets can become loose over time, and will need to be tightened. If a track gets damaged, it is nearly impossible to bend it back into shape. Most tracks will last the entirety of your garage door system, but need to be monitored for problems over the years. You may need to replace one track, or both if the door doesn't move smoothly up and down.

When you have a broken garage door, seek out a broken garage door repair technician to come and fix the problem. You can make your system last longer with good maintenance. Avoid adjusting tension springs, as this is dangerous to do if you aren't a professional.