A garage door is fundamental in any property because it offers numerous benefits. For instance, it secures cars and other items you are keeping in the garage, it improves curb appeal, and boosts the value of your property. You can also use this door to enter the house if you do not want to use the front or back door.

But like other components in your home, garage doors have parts that wear out due to constant use, such as the springs. Springs are designed to counteract the door's force of gravity, so they should always be in excellent condition. But, how do you know it is time to seek garage door spring repair? Below are common signs you should not ignore.

The Garage Door Is Suddenly Too Heavy

Springs make it easier to lift the door manually. When you lift your door but realize you cannot, it may mean the springs are not functional. Maybe they are fragmented, and that is causing the excess weight.  Instead of struggling to open or shut the door, you should call a garage door technician to check all moving parts, including the springs, right away. This measure can be less costly than doing it yourself and will prevent major repairs.

The Garage Door Is Warped

When a technician correctly installs springs in the garage door, it will be easy to open or close it smoothly and effortlessly. But, if the door suddenly becomes crooked, it will go up unevenly, get stuck in tracks, or will not move at all, a sign the springs are broken. Get a technician to check which springs are damaged to avoid more problems. The professional will also check other parts like tracks, rollers, pulleys, and belts to ensure they have not been affected.

The Door Is Moving Slowly

Automatic garage doors usually have a motor that powers the opener. Most engines start slow and increase the operational speed. But, if one or more springs are damaged, your door will be weighty, making it difficult for the motor to attain its usual speed. If you realize your auto garage door is moving slowly, contact a garage door technician, and they will repair the springs and fix other underlying issues.

Although many components determine the efficiency of the garage door, it is crucial to ensure repairs are done immediately. Signs like slow-moving, heavy, and crooked garage doors indicate that the garage door springs need an expert's attention, so do not ignore them. 

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