If you recently noticed some strange incidences with your garage door's open-looped extension springs, it may be time to replace them. Garage door springs must be in good condition to work properly and safely, especially open-looped extension springs. However, time and excessive use can weaken or damage the springs until they can no longer operate in a safe manner. Learn why now may be the best time to replace the extension springs on your garage door below.

What Should You Know About One-Looped Extension Springs?

All extension springs rely on intense pressure to raise and lift garage doors. However, one-looped extension springs tend to be weaker than other types of extension springs. One-looped extension springs use a special built-in wire to open and close doors. The wire can stop working properly if it rusts and breaks.

Several things might happen if the wire in your extension spring breaks, including strange or unsettling sounds. The springs may not have enough tension in them to lift or close the door properly. If your garage door is heavy, the sounds coming from the springs may sound even louder to you. 

Your ailing one-looped extension springs can eventually give out and fail. If you replace your ailing springs now, you can avoid dangerous incidents later.

What Should You Do About Your Extension Springs?

The first thing you should do is have a garage door contractor inspect your one-looped extension springs for you. A contractor can check the wire on the springs to see if it's broken or in good condition. The wire will determine whether or not you need to replace your extension springs or if you need to fix something else on your garage door.

If the wire is in good condition, a garage door contractor will need to see if there's an issue with the garage door opener and hardware. The door and springs can be very noisy if the batteries in the garage door opener weaken and stop working. Rusted hardware can also make your garage door sound noisy over time. A contractor can place new batteries in the door opener or lubricate the hardware with oil to solve these issues.

If the wire on the springs looks broken, you'll need to replace the springs right away. A contractor can't physically remove the wire from the springs to repair it. A contractor needs to replace the springs completely for them to work properly on your garage door.

For more information about open-looped extension springs, contact a garage door spring replacement contractor today.