Your garage door is a simple system, but small issues can grow over time. Loose tension springs can start off by causing your door to close slightly while open but eventually lead to a motor burning out if they aren't fixed. A slow-moving garage door can mean the motor is wearing out, or that the weight of the door is too heavy for the springs. Your door can reverse direction while in motion, or not close all the way. You might go to use your garage door, and nothing happens when you press the power button. From a loose plug to power failure, figuring out what is going on is the first step to solving the issue.

Garage Door Spring Problems

Your garage door springs are tightly wound, and it's important to have a garage door spring repair person deal with your springs whenever they need to be adjusted or replaced. If your door opens slowly or closes too fast, this can mean the spring isn't helping to hold the weight of the door. Tension springs can snap, and this can cause an open door to slam down unexpectedly. It is not safe to adjust your own tension springs, because they can snap and injure you.

Your Door Changes Direction

Your door can change direction if one of the tracks has a missing bracket, if something is in the way of the door closing, or when there is debris in one of your tracks. Check your tracks to see if you have any obvious pebbles or sticks in the way, and make sure your sensors are lined up near the bottom of the tracks. You might find a missing bracket on the ground that needs to be put back in place. If you can't solve the issue, it's time to contact garage door repair services to fix the problem for you.

Your Door Won't Engage When You Press the Power

If you press the power button and your garage door doesn't move, this could be a simple issue with a tripped circuit. Check that you have power going to your opener and that everything is plugged in. Your remote might simply need new batteries. If power isn't the issue, your opener might be burned out. The sensor on the back of your opener can come loose, and your opener won't engage when you try to start it. 

Common garage door problems often require an easy solution. When you are not able to figure out what is going on, a broken garage door repair technician will be able to help.