Your garage door springs are tightly coiled, and these springs should never be adjusted or changed out by an amateur. There are a number of signs that your garage door springs need to be replaced. While you can expect about five years out of your springs, they can get loose and become ineffective over time. If you suspect there is something going on with your springs, it's important to contact a garage door specialist to help you. When your door is straining to open, or you notice that the springs aren't holding the door open all the way, then it's time to get the help you need to keep your garage door safe.

Slowly Moving Garage Door

The garage door opens when the opener engages, then starts pulling the door up the track. The garage door springs help to hold the heavy weight of the door, making the job of opening the door easier. If your garage door is moving slowly, there is an issue with the opener, the tension springs, or both. 

The Door Doesn't Stay in the Open Position

Your tension springs hold the garage door in place when it is open. As the springs become loosened, they lose the ability to hold the heavy weight of the door. When the door only closes a few inches, this is no big deal. If the door falls six inches or more from the fully open position and can't be tightened, you need to have your springs adjusted or replaced. If you don't get your garage door springs replaced, they can end up snapping. If this occurs, your garage door will slam to the ground if it is open.

Why Hiring a Professional is Important

Adjusting tension springs is tricky. If you adjust the springs too tight, they can snap. When tension springs uncoil unexpectedly, they can cause you bodily harm. The springs are heavy, and they are going to spring open with force. Don't try to adjust or replace springs on your own since you could get seriously injured.

Garage door spring replacement should usually occur every five years or so. If you notice that your garage door is closing too fast, or opening too slow, you may have a tension spring problem. Get the professional help you need to avoid any injuries trying to adjust springs yourself. Pay attention if your door doesn't stay in the open position, and if necessary, hire a spring replacement specialist to deal with the issue.