Garage entryways can improve curb appeal, improve your car's storage security, and provide weather protection. Nonetheless, your garage entryway may wear out with time. Sometimes, the damage may be beyond repair and you may need a new door. But what shows that your garage door replacement project is due? Here are the telltale signs.

Failed Operation

When your vehicle's storage entryway doesn't raise, lower, or slide open or close, this is a sign of severe damage. For instance, the garage door opener or track system may wear out to the extent that you can't fix it. Therefore, buying a new garage door may be the best solution to your persistent garage door operation failures.

Severely Damaged Sensors

When your door's sensors get severely damaged, they may not function correctly. For instance, faulty sensors may fail to detect the presence of garage users at the door's path. When the door closes abruptly, this may lead to serious bodily injuries. Also, failed sensors may trigger your garage door to remain open when the door's path is clear, increasing security threats. Garage door replacement provides a new door whose sensor system is in excellent condition. This facilitates efficient garage door operations.

Old Age

Your old garage entryway may be prone to damage. For example, your door may crack or form pits quickly. So, frequent repairs may be necessary. However, these repairs may not be economical in the long term. Also, the repairs increase your garage's downtime since you may need to vacate your garage during repair days. Replacing your old garage entryway provides a durable door, saving you from high-cost repairs.

Obsolete Design

At one point, your garage door design may have been trendy. However, if your home is old, the existing door design may be outdated, lowering your property's value. In such cases, you may need to purchase a new garage door whose design is current and attractive. This may boost property aesthetics and value significantly.


Rust may form on your garage door due to exposure to excess moisture. The rust may eat away at the metal resulting in punctures. Nevertheless, if you don't spot and remove rust early, you may be unable to save your garage door. So, consider garage door replacement. But, ensure that you buy a rust-resistant door or inspect your door frequently to avoid rust problems.

The indicators of garage door replacement include rusting, operation failure, obsolete designs, old age, and severely damaged sensors. Consider hiring a damaged garage door replacement service when you see these signs. For more information, contact a company like Affordable Garage Door Services, LLC.