Moving into a new house is exciting, but it's important to be sure that the house is now protected from anyone that previously had access to the property. This means that you need to change the entry doors, locks, and garage door opening system. The garage door may also need to be replaced. Here are a few of the things that you need to do to make sure that you and your belongings are secure after closing.

Get New Entry Doors 

Replace the entry doors on the home. Not only may the previous owners still have keys or access, but they know the types of doors that secure the property. Look for doors that have the following qualities:

  • Composed of steel or fiberglass
  • Meet the Energy Star and EPA approval qualifications
  • Have a steel kickplate
  • Magnetic keycode or deadbolt lock

The new entryway doors shouldn't just keep the house secure, but prevent air loss to lower heating and cooling costs. Look at options that will help to update the look of the home.

Replace Garage Door and Operating System

Replacing the garage door will improve security and aesthetics, but changing the operating system is important because you don't know who has extra door openers or access to the code and system. The previous owners could know how to change or reset the codes. Look for systems with a belt operating system instead of a chain, wireless controls and options for smartphones, and a battery backup.

A new garage door should be secure, energy efficient, and durable. Look for steel options that are triple-layered. Triple-layered steel options will be quieter, more robust, and more efficient. Ask the manufacturer for high-cycle torsion springs, which will last longer over time. Nylon or polyurethane rollers are also more reliable over time than metal, and they are quieter.

Replacing the garage door and the entryway doors can improve the entire look of the exterior of the property you have just purchased, while also making sure that the property is no longer accessible to previous owners. You don't know who was given a key, the garage passcode, or who knows how to get into the home.

Get estimates from local installation companies for the new doors and the installation services. Not only should you choose a company that offers the installation of high-quality doors that come with a product and component warranty, but they also have a warranty for the services they are providing. Once you have quotes, you can get the work done professionally and promptly.

Contact a local garage door service to learn more.